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Русский шаблон MetaSoft — готовый HTML шаблон для компании по разработке ПО

Если вы хотите начать успешный бизнес онлайн, вам нужен хороший сайт. Особенно, когда речь идет о компании по разработке программного обеспечения. Ваш сайт — это лицо компании. Он должен хорошо выглядеть и быть многофункциональным.

Вот почему разработчики TemplateMonster создали многостраничный HTML-шаблон MetaSoft. Шаблон MetaSoft имеет чистый, но привлекательный дизайн. Выполненный в корпоративном стиле, он создает атмосферу доверия.

Кроме того, шаблон MetaSoft содержит множество готовых страниц, и вы можете заполнить их презентациями своих услуг и продуктов. Вы также можете украсить свой сайт различными элементами дизайна и эффектами. Шаблон очень быстро грузится и имеет адаптивный дизайн.

MetaSoft имеет много других полезных функций, таких как: карты Google, рассылка, интеграция с соцсетями и многое другое. Вы можете проверить их все на странице продукта. Так что скачивайте MetaSoft прямо сейчас и добавьте новые возможности в свой бизнес.

Благодаря визуальному конструктору страниц Novi шаблон MetaSoft имеет множество дополнительных функций и огромный набор плагинов. Он позволяет редактировать любую часть дизайна или структуры сайта простым перетаскиванием.

Демо Детали

Free HTML Website Templates FAQ

Where can I get free HTML website templates?

You can view the whole collection of our free HTML web templates in this collection. There are 160+ of them here. If you’re not satisfied with this collection, you can search our website for more.

How can I download free HTML website templates?

You can do that easily by clicking the «Details» button below the template you find interesting and then click «Download for free.»

Can I use free templates for website in HTML?

Of course, you can. That’s why we designed our templates. They are perfect for a personal page or if you have a small business. And suppose you need a corporate website template for a huge business. In that case, you might want to look for some premium solutions on our website.

Дентис — готовый многостраничный HTML шаблон стоматологического сайта

Дентис — готовый к использованию русифицированный шаблон сайта для стоматологической клиники. Это функциональное решение от TemplateMonster, созданно специально для медицинских учреждений.

Шаблон Дентис имеет элегантный и продуманный дизайн, а также цвета и формы, которые максимально упрощают передачу содержимого сайта пользователям.

Эффективный многостраничный HTML5 шаблон Дентис, выполненный в минималистичном стиле, идеально подходит малому или среднему бизнесу. Несмотря на минималистичность, в шаблоне есть всё, что вам может понадобиться. Адаптивный дизайн, интуитивно понятный интерфейс и полностью настраиваемый внешний вид с интеграции с социальными сетями.

Шаблон Дентис был создан с помощью визуального редактора Novi Builder. Он позволяет работать с шаблоном без специальных навыков программирования и веб-разработки.

В комплект шаблона Дентис также входят полностью настраиваемые страницы описания услуг.

Демо Детали

Надеюсь, подборка русских шаблонов сайтов от TemplateMonster вам понравилась. Напомню еще раз, что все эти шаблоны снабжены подробнейшей документацией. И даже если вы никогда не создавали сайты самостоятельно, то легко разберетесь со всем. А встроенный визуальный редактор Novi Builder в любом из шаблонов станет отличным навигатором и помощником в этом деле.


5 Best Premium Web Templates

Template Name Short description Price Buttons
Fattbeans | Coffee Shop & Barista WordPress Theme If you need something that creative for your coffee shop website then you should check out this Fattbeans WordPress premium theme. It has a lot of eye-catchy and vintage visual elements developed to represent coffee in your design. It also includes more than 25 pages, admin panel, Search Engine, and many more useful features. And do not forget to check out the demo to find out more about Fattbeans WordPress premium theme. $72 Buy nowDemo
Trans — Logistic Moto CMS 3 Template Trans MOTO CMS premium template was developed specially for transportation and logistics companies. It has eye-catchy visuals, yet it is clean enough to highlight the most important information. And since it is a MOTO CMS template you can customize any part of your website and use the admin panel for customization. $139 Buy nowDemo
Lintense Book Store — Writer HTML Landing Page Template There are also landing page premium templates. And you can use them when you need something compact to present your business. For example, this Lintense Book Store HTML template. It is quite a stylish template and it looks eye-catchy. And it is clean enough to make an accent on books and descriptions. It is also very responsive and works on all devices and operational systems. $16 Buy nowDemo
God’s Church Moto CMS 3 Template To attract new believers you have to spread the word of God. And this is why you need a good website. And God’s Church Moto CMS 3 template is the best choice for any religious organization. It has a clean and moderate design. Yet, at the same time, it includes many visual elements and effects. Use them to decorate your website. It has a visual editor that will help you decorate your website. There are also an admin panel, media library file manager, MOTO CMS widgets, CSS animations, and other useful features. $139 Buy nowDemo
Legalor — Classy Law Company Responsive Website Template If you want to create a website for your law firm, then it must have a corporate design. After all, you have to show your attitude to your business. And this is why you need a Legator HTML premium template. It is clean, classic, and fully editable. And since it is a highly responsive template you can be sure that it works without issues on all devices and operating systems. And due to well-developed coding, your website will be fast and SEO-friendly. $75 Buy nowDemo

Template Categories

You can easily choose themes templates designed for various categories to create a site for an event, travel, holiday, family, health, wedding, studio, fitness, restaurant, food, Christmas, legal, industry, photography, nonprofit, consulting, and invitation. Add multiple photos, documents, visual infographics, and other digital materials, or get started from blank. All solutions are customizable. You can use stock images and other items, like logos, background, headers, even for something specific like a custom sitemap, shopping cart, greeting flyer, news, accessibility calendars, shop invitations, music charts, text, bar and chart reports, or eye-catching infographic presentations. Starting a page in the app or plugin, you have the full functionality to edit each mobile view, having it ready in minutes and saving much time.

Using free templates professionally designed with Nicepage, you get everything you need to create any modern web project in clicks for free, becoming a web designer. You do not need to have premium training, to hire pro designers, expert developer, or management teams. You can create beautiful pages based on free online templates website design templates. It’s a huge step ahead of the market competition and a sign of hundreds in sale figures. Follow us on social networks and our forum or help center.

You may also be interested in Template Design

Website Templates

A website template is a pre-designed web page or a set of pages that can be used for building a fully-fledged website. These kinds of themes are usually created using HTML or CSS technologies so that everyone can establish the site without hiring the specialist. An average web page template comes equipped with a great number of ready-made HTML5 pages, stylesheets, and JS files made with well-commented and optimized code.

TemplateMonster marketplace contains one of the richest collections of pre-designed web themes delivered by the leading experts in web development. Here at TM, we did the hard work to put together multiple design styles and topics of high quality. Among other things, the premium themes included in the marketplace all come with dedicated technical support. They are all easy to customize and can fit any online project regardless of the niche you are in.

Buying website templates at TemplateMonster guarantees you get a product developed according to the latest web design trends and standards. Our handy search will let you find the right solution for your project.

Provided that you want to try the product before purchasing it, you can try the free version of the theme, install and manage to customize it.

Responsive Design

The fully responsive design of the web templates ensures smooth experience on all devices regardless of their resolution. No matter what gadget the visitors have at hand while browsing your website, they will enjoy its perfect look. A website slider and other components are also made responsive to provide an unforgettable user experience.

Thorough Documentation

Every single premium theme contains detailed documentation that will guide you through each step of installing the theme and using it for your purposes. These guidelines also let you discover the product’s key features, as well as plugins used in the template.

Bootstrap in the Core

Some of the web templates are created using Bootstrap technology aimed to make your website mobile-friendly. Besides, all Bootstrap styling options, scripts, and components are all at your disposal.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Our templates are displayed correctly in all modern browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Custom Widgets and Plugins

Modern website templates delivered to our marketplace come supplied with multiple custom widgets and plugins. Almost all themes contain a working search box, contact, and subscription forms, as well as social media widgets, and others. The documentation provided with the theme will give you a better idea of how to use them.

HTML Editor

Many of the website templates comprise HTML editors with drag & drop functionality. Visual page builders, like Novi, will help you build fascinating layouts without any coding skills.

SEO Optimization

The website layout templates we offer are designed according to the latest SEO standards which means you can easily configure the settings to make your site reach the top of search results. The best SEO practices will help you build trust and credibility with your prospective customers, provide better UX, increase engagement, traffic, and conversions.

eCommerce Page Template

For those of you who are to establish an online store, web page templates provide eCommerce page templates with all the necessary options.

A Huge Set of UI Blocks and Elements

Almost all themes contain a huge set of UI blocks and elements, comprising multiple header and footer layouts, cool CSS3 animation effects and transitions, ready-made pages, as well as working contact forms, etc.

Website Template Code Technology

Templates HTML is used in most cases. SHTML is the same as HTML, but SSI technology makes it possible to display the page design in a separate file. CSS — display and formatting of the appearance of the site are performed using CSS technology. A no-cost HTML5 CSS reference website is a complete layout for website designing based on a free CSS template, which forms an HTML page Flash dynamic sites using Flash and ActionScript. Hybrid — combine HTML code and flash (menus, animated screensavers, and logo). Bootstrap 4 reference theme templates are ready-made web designs based on the Bootstrap framework, a technology for creating designs that are compatible with different browsers, effectively rendered.

A CSS HTML template based on Bootstrap 5 beta 1 HTML has unique add-ons and can make your site more attractive. You can download a free Bootstrap dashboard template created using modern HTML5 CSS web technologies. Free HTML5 CSS website templates and responsive HTML make your website more adaptable to any device (mobile-friendly and adapted for all mobile devices). Bootstrap site templates save you from writing a lot of CSS code, which gives you more time to develop your web pages. And best of all, it’s free!

Free Responsive Website Templates

These days building a website is not only an interactive but straightforward process. And, with the appearance of free website templates, this process also becomes complimentary. Now you can start promoting your business online without running out of the budget. Though nowadays, a professional site is essential for any company, some people still skip this step. They are not sure it is possible to manage a website without having special skills.

Would you like to start promoting your business right now to increase sales and get more customers? Well, you can do it without spending much money using website templates for free. They do not require any website-building experience and have everything ready-to-use. Thanks to a Retina-ready design, your website will look fantastic on any device, no matter what screen size the visitor prefers. All the content elements will adapt to the customer’s screen, including the menu, header & footer, gallery, and fonts.

Кто может использовать бесплатные шаблоны для веб-сайтов в HTML

Во многих случаях HTML-сайты идеальны для тех, кто интересуется адаптивным дизайном, и тех, кто хочет создать достойный современный веб-сайт с минимальными вложениями. Правильно подобранный HTML-шаблон также не разочарует любого, кто решит использовать его в коммерческом проекте. И есть легко настраиваемый инструментарий. С его помощью всегда есть возможность внести изменения или доработать ваш сайт в соответствии с вашими потребностями.

И выдающейся особенностью этих бесплатных веб-шаблонов HTML является то, что даже те, у кого нет большого опыта в программировании и дизайне веб-сайтов, могут понять, как это сделать самостоятельно. Кроме того, вы всегда можете интегрировать свой новый сайт с любой CMS. Например, путем включения некоторых его компонентов в шаблон WordPress.

Предположим, вам посчастливилось натолкнуться на подходящий шаблон из этой коллекции. В таком случае это можно считать первым шагом к созданию дизайна веб-сайта, который будет недоступен для ваших конкурентов. Не у всех есть возможность самостоятельно создать оригинальный сайт или найти средства на оплату услуг веб-мастера. И здесь вы найдете множество готовых бесплатных веб-шаблонов HTML, которые можно бесплатно загрузить и создать свой уникальный веб-сайт в кратчайшие сроки. Вам нужно только найти подходящий хостинг для вашего будущего сайта, и все готово.

Бесплатные шаблоны HTML Связанные видео

Это видео предоставит вам некоторую информацию о бесплатных HTML-шаблонах веб-сайтов от Template Monster, которые мы недавно выпустили. Вы можете найти там полезную информацию.

Дентис — многостраничный HTML шаблон стоматологического сайта

Детали | Демо

Гибкая сетка и адаптивность делают эту HTML тему на русском подходящей под тематику любой клиники, хотя изначально разработчики создавали дизайн для стоматологических кабинетов. Перенастроить её контент не составит труда благодаря встроенному визуальному редактору.

Предусмотрены продвинутые галереи для демонстрации портфолио — например, подойдет для клиник пластической хирургии в формате «до и после».

Можно проводить рассылку со специальными предложениями по группам клиентов.

Нейтральный симпатичный дизайн понравится посетителям.

Сегодняшний обзор получился достаточно объёмным и информативным. Но, надеюсь, что вы не заскучали, т. к. у каждого сегодняшнего продукта была какая-то фишка. А у некоторых даже не одна

Так что надеюсь, что вы смогли подобрать себе подходящий HTML шаблон сайта на русском, который идеально презентует ваш бизнес при запуске нового проекта или позволит сделать редизайн существующего сайта.

Ну, и в завершение хочу напомнить, что все представленные сегодня продукты вы можете скачать с сайта наших партнёров TemplateMonster, с которыми я сотрудничаю уже несколько лет, и которые всё это время демонстрируют высокое качество продукции, квалифицированную клиентскую и техническую поддержку.

При этом я не только нахваливаю их, но и сам неоднократно пользовался их шаблонами для разработки сайтов своим клиентам.

А также они частенько радуют своих пользователей всевозможными акциями и скидками, которые иногда достигают 70%. Чтобы быть о них в курсе, вам необходимо приобрести какой-либо из их продуктов, чтобы вас включили в клиентскую рассылку, или подписаться на уведомления данного сайта и ожидать анонсов акций на своей почте.

На этом у меня всё. Всем добра!

Design and Photography Portfolio HTML Website Templates

Why Choose Our Templates?

While there are a lot of other websites templates seller online, only a few are trusted and reliable. Hence, we always make sure to offer a product with exceptional appeal and quality to cater to your design and photography interest. To help you decide whether to purchase our templates or not, here are the benefits that you can get if you do:

Search Engine Optimization

Why would you buy a template and hire an SEO-expert separately if you can have both with just a single purchase? That’s right! These Design and Photography Portfolio Website Templates have search engine optimized codes embedded in the design itself. Most of the templates from this collection utilize the latest techniques to boost your website’s number of visitors through SEO.

Gallery Functionality

If there’s one feature that would make this collection a stand-out, that would be the gallery feature. Where could you possibly display your masterpieces to showcase them to your viewers? These website templates for design & photography, have premium gallery photo applications that help you display images on your website. These templates also feature a smooth scroll image transition so that you can switch from one photo to another with ease. Go ahead and impress your viewers with your gallery of stunning HQ photos.

100% Responsive Design

If you want a website template that can adjust to the different screen size of devices, then this is the collection for you. Some template designs slow down the website’s loading time, but not these Design and Photography Gallery Website Templates. Utilizing the latest CSS and HTML5 technologies, your website will have an impressive user interface and 100% responsive design that is easy, fast-loading, and high-performing.


Enjoy a great SEO ranking with these optimized website templates. Most first-time website owners make the mistake of thinking about SEO after the website has been built. This will lead to many mistakes that make the search engines impossible to index your web content. Don’t be a rookie when it comes to boosting your page, instead, optimized your website as soon as you decide on the template to use. All the templates that you purchase from our collection are SEO-ready as we make it a point to prioritize SEO in the website building process. Are you craving for a good ranking with the equally high conversion? Then, you have come to the right place!

Free 24/7 Technical Support

Do you have a hard time toggling the features of your website templates? Just contact our technical support team to help you out with the problem. Our ever efficient and productive tech support are available 24/7 for free. Once you purchase one of our templates, you will automatically get our lifetime tech support service.

With millions of competitions online, it is no longer enough to have an online presence alone. You have to have an appealing, consistent, and converting online presence. Get our Design and Photography Website Templates now and enjoy the amazing benefits and freebies like no other!


How To Design HTML Website Templates?

HTML templates provide many options for those who want to play with website design. After all, you have to impress your audience. And if you have a page builder, it will be easier to edit your HTML website template.
If you have one of our HTML themes, you can be sure that you can edit any part of it. Just make sure what type of design style you need. It is possible to create an elegant website, add more colors, or include a minimal amount of elements to create a clean web design.

How To Make HTML Website Templates?

It is quite a hard thing to create functional HTML website templates. It requires skills and experience. Even more, sometimes you have to understand what type of HTML theme suite a specific type of business.
Everything starts with coding, and then you have to spend a lot of time on design.
This is why we recommend you to download our HTML template if you want to save a lot of time and money.

How To Sell HTML Templates In TemplateMonster?

If you are focused on HTML templates development, it will be useful to start selling products on our marketplace.
It is always easy to create an author account and contact the support team for additional info. Even more, there are manuals on how to become a vendor and sell products on TemplateMonster. Yet, it is not enough to be lucky. Only original, responsive HTML templates bring a lot of profit.

Free WordPress Themes FAQ

What are the best free WordPress themes?

It depends on your project. If you create a blog – it should have the required “blog” component. Building a page dedicated to interesting places – consider adding the Google Maps module. If your website is dedicated to a band, then you need audio and video players. A theme should be responsive. It assures that it works correctly on mobile devices with different screen sizes. Good SEO will increase visitors’ number because it makes your page easy to find using search engines.

How can I get free WordPress themes?

You need to log in to your account. Find the product you like (consider using a search bar or filters on the left panel). Check the detail page. Consider using the “Live Demo” feature. Share the link on social networks and then get the required item. You may start customizing it.

How to customize free WordPress themes?

Our solutions are compatible with various visual editors. Please check out the details page to learn more about a template. Some are compatible with Elementor. It’s a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. It allows designers to modify pages without dealing with the source code. You add an element and change its parameters to achieve the necessary look and behavior.

Почему выбирают бесплатные веб-шаблоны HTML

Все наши бесплатные веб-шаблоны HTML — это красивые и универсальные решения с минимумом сложных элементов. Дизайн при этом очень простой, но выглядит довольно современно и презентабельно. В шаблонах также есть множество функций, в том числе кнопки для социальных сетей. Они помогут вам создать свой сайт и оформить его так, как вы хотите. Их основная цель — продвижение вашей работы. Если вы в первую очередь цените удобство и комфорт, эти шаблоны идеально подойдут вам. Они мощные, элегантные и интуитивно понятные. Эти бесплатные веб-шаблоны HTML, основанные на CSS3 и HTML5, помогут вам создать подходящую среду для современных интернет-проектов. Шаблоны могут упростить и ускорить процесс разработки веб-сайта. В их основе лежит принцип адаптивности. Сегодня веб-сайты HTML5 широко используются в сети.

Responsive Templates

However, responsive website templates by Nicepage make this work easy, beautiful, and creative. Our high-quality free design templates help anyone build a professional free website without learning, education, books, teachers, and need to be students of graphic design online courses. Each template comes with media graphics, which you can later use for social media graphics, Twitter and Instagram posts, and ads. It can also be suitable for other products, like a media kit, posters, flyers, cards, postcards, business cards, gift cards, video posters, channel art, youtube thumbnails, etc. Anyone from novice users to blogging professionals of a high level can use Nicepage for their top projects and affiliate collaboration.

You can create an account and profile and access the platform’s center assets, including various videos and tutorials to learn how to use Nicepage for enterprise businesses, small business and services, customize and manage ready themes, find ideas, check data and content. Suppose you have Facebook and Linkedin skills and have some experience with Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, cms, cookies, domain, and hosting, and you want to know anything like HTML, code, webinars. In that case, this information may be a good share. At that, you can pick from all feature collections, items, and perfect with year updates.

Responsive Templates FAQ

Why is it better to use responsive HTML templates?

It already includes all the required elements to create a responsive page. Moreover, they all are tested so that you can use them right away.

How to choose responsive HTML templates?

Consider using a search field to find the template that matches your criteria. Don’t forget to check the features list. If your website is about traveling, then you need such elements as galleries. If your website is about economics, then search for a theme that includes charts and graphs. Some of our templates have a video background feature that will make your website look modern. Our responsive HTML templates use HTML5, providing you with the best performance, flexibility, and data protection.

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